Try balloons of a different kind at your next event!

Senior's Parties


Kids aren't the only ones who enjoy balloon sculpting.  Many times while I'm performing for little ones, I  notice that the parents and grandparents are getting as much out of it as the children are.  And, if time permits, I love to make them a little something too.  And here is a shocker...teenagers love it as well!  When tying for church functions and municipal events (anywhere there is a large crowd), my line often includes several teens who are really excited to have something made for them.  They sometimes ask for some wild and unique things, but I can always come up with something to please them.

Here's another thought....I have been to many area nursing homes and retirement homes to enterain the residents there.  Sometimes a family member will hire me to come for a certain resident's birthday, but allow me to tie balloons for the entire facility.  I think some of my most rewarding work has been done in these settings.  As you know, seniors everywhere love to be paid some attention.  They like to know that they are still in our thoughts and are being catered to because they are so special to you.  I wish I could explain to you the reaction I get from some of these wonderful people.  Their eyes just simply light up as I am asking them what they would like for me to make for them.  And, when I start crafting the balloon of their choice, they are captivated by the many twists and turns that eventually bring forth the animal or perhaps the flower of their choosing.  Some of them have told me that they hope it will last forever and that they will never forget me.  They make what I do incredibly rewarding.  I just love it!

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