Try balloons of a different kind at your next event!

Children's Parties


Have you ever been to a child's birthday party where balloon art is being performed?  Believe me, it is not the same old cake and ice cream!!!  This type of event is where a balloon artist can really be creative.  Unlike other events where lines are sometimes long and the balloons must be kept simple because of time restraints, each child (or adult) can pick something a little more elaborate.  Such occassions may call for something like a Little Mermaid, Daffy Duck, a bouquet of beautiful flowers, a fishing rod with a fish dangling from it's line, an alien, or a giant black spider.  And, if the party has a theme, or is near or on a certain holiday, I will discuss with you what kind of balloons might be more appropriate to make your party unforgettable.  Also, a party is much more fun when the guests are sporting colorful balloon hats.  It just makes it more festive to see all of the different colors and designs.  We can even ramp up the fun with a balloon sword and holster for each child so that they can have a safe and fun balloon sword fight, if that is something you would like to include.  There are so many ways your child will love this type of entertainment on his or her next special day.

Now renting the fun water center for your next birthday or back-to-school bash!  Call for more information.

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